Nasal septoplasty (correction of nasal septum curvature)

Why is it worth it? What do you need to know? Effects
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A curved nasal septum obstructs airflow and causes breathing problems. At Ambroziak Clinic, we perform nasal septum surgery to restore proper breathing through the nose.

Nasal septoplasty is a laryngological procedure designed to correct a curved nasal septum. A curved nasal septum significantly worsens or completely blocks two-way nasal patency, causing breathing problems. It is particularly bothersome when sleeping or practising sports. Patients complain of constant fatigue and much more frequent infections.

Why is it worth it?

A curved nasal septum is mainly a medical problem that very often makes breathing difficult and causes fatigue and apnoea. Patients who have undergone the procedure notice huge improvement. The nose becomes unobstructed, which significantly improves the wellbeing and comfort of life

What do you need to know?


nose - nasal septum


PLN 7700

Problem solved

obstructed nose, problems with breathing through the nose, snoring

How often repeat

one-time procedure

Duration time

App. 1.5 hours


Treatment effects are noticeable as soon as app. 2 weeks after the treatment, when the nose has healed.

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The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so you should come on an empty stomach on the day of the surgery. After the procedure the patient stays at the postoperative ward until fully awake, after which they are transferred to the patient's room, where they stay under the care of qualified medical staff until the next day.

Immediately after the surgery, blowing the nose should be avoided and exercise should be avoided for approximately 2 weeks. During the convalescence period, the patient should avoid any trauma to the nose, which could cause displacement of the nasal septum. Hot baths, sauna and sun exposure are also not recommended. After a period of 4-5 days, start rinsing the nose to remove any clots, and use moisturizing and lubricating ointments recommended by the doctor.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, any infections, including in particular those of the respiratory system, blood coagulation disorders and abnormalities in the tests performed before the procedure

The nasal septum correction procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so there is no pain during the procedure. After the procedure, the patient should not experience any pain, only mild discomfort due to temporary nasal obstruction after the procedure until the nasal holes clear.

The result is permanent.

the procedure concerns the inside of the nose, so it does not leave any external marks.

as with any surgical procedure, complications are possible and the doctor will tell you about them during the consultation. If the patient follows postoperative indications, no complications should occur,

after app. 2 weeks

no, this is a one-time procedure

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